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10 Gardening Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Know

Springisright around the corner, and this is also a wonderful time to work and develop your garden. There are a lot of tips and hacks that you can easily do. With a click of a button, information will flood your screen like a garden hose left open. Other may require a little bit of skills and patience but for sure the end result will leave you in awe. These tips will not only give your garden a noticeable improvement but it will also save you agreat amount of money. So on that note, weve come up with these simple yet effective gardening tips. Scroll down to find out more about it.

In my recent gardening research, I came across some pretty awesome tips and tricks that will make gardeni

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SproutsIO Launches Microfarming Device as Indoor Gardens ... - Xconomy

Jeff Engel September 21st, 2016

Xconomy Boston

The distance from farm to table is now just a few feet, thanks to new systems that allow people to grow food in their kitchen or living room.

Last fall, Xconomy covered the launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Somerville, MA-based Grove, a startup out of MIT that developed a product that enables consumers to grow food in a high-tech cabinet the size of a tall bookshelf.

Now comes SproutsIOanother Boston-area startup with roots at MITwhich today launched its own Kickstarter campaign to genera

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The Skinny: Some thoughts on gardening - Daily Herald

Ive never had a green thumb, so to speak. Rather, my thumb is a perfectly normal shade of beige and is completely inept at putting things into dirt and making something fabulous burst forth in return.

I have, however, since buying my house, made some vain attempts at gardening, and, though I wont be surprised if I dont reap any excellent crops from my efforts (heck, the majority of the seeds we bought for planting are still sitting in their packs in said house), the toil is already worth the rewards in many ways. Let me share with you some of my observations.

First: Gardening, though ridiculously messy for someone as inexperienced and glove-less as me, is actually really great exercise. Not only can you get a good dose of Vitamin D from the sun, but the effort is a workout in and of itself that isnt as strenuous as weightlifting or running for people, like me, who arent exactly fit.

Second: On the off-chance we do get something, be it the wildflowers and corn currently springing up awkwardly together along with a thick batch of crabgrass in our front flowerbed, or even some fruits and veggies from late-planted seeds, it will be a tasty, unexpected reward from a first-year, ridiculously amateur garden.

Third: Weve been blessed already by the service of others. Weve had several different neighbors come over to help us struggle to tame our extraordinarily weedy and awkwardly structured garden beds, and its been incredible to get to know them, and to appreciate their kindness, humor and insights, not to mention their extremely solid work ethics! They gave us the strength we needed to actually get some pretty intense weeding done, and get our gardens on the road to productivity.

Fourth: I have met so many more neighbors! When we first moved into our home last September, we had a bit of a tough time getting to know the people living around us. With two full-time work schedules, a super active 1-year-old and a pretty solid schedule, it was hard to be home, let alone out and about. I waited for a month before writing this column just to see if the pattern continued, and I can say that LITERALLY every time weve worked in our garden, weve had a neighbor come outside to talk to. Its kind of awesome, all things considered.

So whether we grow food and flowers or weeds, I can say one thing about our gardening experiment: Its already been a wonderful, fruitful success.

-- Kari Kenner


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Home repairs for families in need being offered by Rebuilding Together St. Louis - fox2now.com

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI)-Spring is here which means spring cleaning as well as home repairs. There are some simple tools and techniques that ever homeowner should know to be able to fix things around the house.

To demonstrate some home improvement projects, the gentlemen of Rebuilding Together St. Louis stopped by the Fox 2 garage to show Kim Hudson how to make quick and simple repairs. Dave Ervin and Gene Martino are just two members in Rebuilding Together that volunteer their time to help those in need of home repairs in the St. Louis region.

Rebuilding Together St. Louis is a nonprofit which provides free home repair to low income and elderly homeowners so they may remain safe in their own homes. The organization is not a 'for hire' repair agency, but simply wants to offer its collected expertise when it comes to home repair.

Over the past 20 years, volunteers have restored over $36 million dollars of market value to over 50 communities across Saint Louis. To donate money or time as a repair-person to Rebuilding Together St. Louis, head to the donation page on their website.

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Gardening: Here's what to do for your garden and landscape in February - Florida Times-Union

Februarys weather can be cold and dry, but running your sprinkler on schedule can be a big waste. Save water and wear and tear on your system by watering only when plants really need it. Established lawns can go two weeks without water: Turn off the timer and wait until your next scheduled watering day after bluish-grey color appears, blades fold or wilt, or footprints remain. Trees and shrubs may need even less check with your local extension agent or master gardeners for more on water needs for your homes plants.

Heres your February timetable:


Love your landscape this Valentines Day with a new addition that warms the heart. Two possibilities are deciduous n